I should…

I have an infinite list of things I should do. I should eat better. I should go back doing yoga. I should treat my parents better. I should answer texts. I should walk my dog more often. I should look for a job that actually has anything to do with my major. I should pursue... Continue Reading →


A life in stand by

What do you do when you have been living your life in stand by? So, around an year and half ago I had a serious car accident, and for a moment my life stopped. It had to, I couldn't stand for more than a few hours, I couldn't sit behind the wheel of a car... Continue Reading →


I am going to pick myself up. I can and I will. It was a minor step back. It doesn't delete what I have done, the strength I had, what I accomplished. It doesn't delete all the time I was able to move forward even if I was scared, when I took a leap of... Continue Reading →

Growing up is anticlimactic

When you hit a new low, it can only go up, right? Having finished university feels as if my life has no more structure. It's hard for me to accept that now, there is no defined path. On one side, this excites me, there is so much I want to try, so much I want to... Continue Reading →

Big moment of change

I am living a profound moment of change. It is a very different change from I am used to. I am not talking about moving to a new place, starting a new job or taking a new class. Those are things that I know I can do. I did those things before, and while change... Continue Reading →

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